A Real-World Example: Exchange Rates And How They Work

A Real-World Example: Exchange Rates And How They Work

Exchange Rates

In this guide, I will be talking all about the exchange rates and how they work in the real world. I will be talking about a hypothetical person in this instance. These events did not take place and are not real, but they hold true information about how it works in the real world and how trading is done.

Joe is travelling to London from his house in New York City, and he wants to make sure that he has at least $200 worth of GBP when he arrives in London. He randomly goes to the local currency exchange shop, and he sees what is the current exchange rate is. He says that if he exchanges $200, he will get £152 in return. This means that the British pound has a higher value. In this case, the equation is very simple. Dollars divided by the exchange rate is equal to pounds.

 Exchange Rates

He has now come back from his trip, and now he wants to exchange his pounds for dollars.

In scenario A, he did not use any of his £152 worth of money, and now he says that the exchange rate has dropped. He exchanges the £152, and because the rate has fallen down, he receives only $191 in exchange. It means that he has lost nine dollars. The reason that he gets a little less money even though having the same value of pounds is that the value of pounds went down a little, while he was away, when compared to the US dollar.

In scenario B, he did not use any of his £152 worth of money, and he says that he wants to exchange it for dollars. He receives $220 in exchange. In this scenario, he has made $20 in profits. This is because, the value of pounds went up, while he was away. This is how, a lot of traders end of making money. They trade money, when they see that the value has risen. It’s certainly is an amazing way to make money.


In a lot of cases, people end up making hundreds of dollars in a couple of minutes.

Keep in mind that not all of the currencies work the same way. For example, the yen is calculated in a much different manner.

Let us assume that someone is travelling to Japan and wants to convert $100 into yen and the exchange rate is 110. The traveller would actually get ¥11,000. If someone wants to convert Yen back into dollars, they would need to divide the amount of the currency by the exchange rate.

¥11,000 divided by 110, which equals $100.

After some time in the forex market, you will get to know that it is not all that complicated.

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